Visualogic Dual Headrest DVD System

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This is the finest and most advanced headrest DVD system we sell. This system includes exact match leather or fabric replacement headrests to perfectly match the seats in your vehicle. And this system is extremely versatile because instead of just fixed screens, this Vizualogic system features removable 7" Android tablets that can be removed from the headrests and used handheld for gaming or taken out and used in the house! And since they are Android tablet you can download your choice of hundreds of thousands of games, music, and movies from the Google Play Store for unlimited entertainment. And these units have a built in DVD in each headrest so you can watch 2 different movies at the same time or one movie on both screens. The system also includes a pair of 2 channel wireless headphones for private listening as well as an FM transmitter so everyone in the car can listen thru the vehicles FM radio. Price includes installation in most vehicles. A few vehicles require additional parts and labor.