Rydeen 2-way Radar Blind Spot Detection System

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Radar Blind Spot System is based on microwave radar technology for extended distance and sensitivity. BSS2x adds an extra set of eyes and warns the driver if there are any vehicles in either blind spot before or during a lane change maneuver. This system is first to market with 2-way detection with self-speed sensing, giving you alerts for vehicles not only approaching but also the vehicles you may be passing. BSS2x is first to market with features like using state of the art technology to detect vehicles speed and only give audible and visual alerts when traveling 13 mph or greater. Radar sensors install behind the bumper with included metal brackets and tools to insure correct angles are set. Two compact black or grey LED’s come included in each kit for visual alerts along with a hideaway adjustable buzzer for the audible alerts.

Kit also includes newly revised “Reverse Cross Traffic Alerts” for backing/reversing out of a tight space when visibility is limited while vehicles are approaching from left or right side.


Price includes professional installation by Auto Xtras trained personnel.