Weather Guard CabMax Composite Bulkhead

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The Model 96310-3-01 CabMax™ composite bulkhead is a single piece, composite van bulkhead designed for Ford Transit full size vans. It fits Mid-Roof vans and can be the base for High-roof vans. The single-piece cargo van partition provides separation from the driver compartment and storage area, protecting the driver against shifting loads. The innovative profile design on the cargo van divider provides increased space in the cab, allowing for improved driver comfort and storage space. The tight fit provides improved climate control and noise reduction. The floating floor angle on the cargo van bulkhead adjusts accordingly for all van floor types. With no drilling into the floor, potential for mishaps is vitrually eliminated. Van window accessories are available for sight line to the back and side of the van. Organization accessory panels can be placed in multiple locations for the customization of cargo van storage solutions. Installation available for an additional $119.95 charge.