TommyGate Cantilever External Van Lift

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TommyGate offers a modern hydraulic lift that is specifically designed to operate seamlessly with commercial vans.  The bolt-on underside mount is compatible with most modern vans and eliminates the need for any welding.  The platform is constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum and folds laterally, allowing for access to the rear of the van without moving the lift.  The platform supports a large loadable area and comes standard with dual cart stops.  This van lift has an amazing 1300 lbs. of lifting capacity.   TommyGate makes 2 other syles of van lifts as well and Auto Xtras has experienced fleet sales people to help you choose the right liftgate and experienced installation techs to get it installed right.  The price listed is approximate and may vary slightly by various van models or with other optional accessories. Call one of our fleet specialists for an exact quote for your needs (Additional charge for installation).