Mobileye Collision Avoidance System

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Mobileye is the ultimate safe driving accessory for your vehicle. Mobileye functions as a third-eye, constantly monitoring the road in front of your vehicle and warning the driver of potentially dangerous situations with audible and visual alerts. The single smart camera installs inside the front windshield and helps the driver by identifying dangerous situations and even "reading" speed limit signs. Here are the critical features that a Mobileye system provides for the driver. Lane Departure Warning alerts the driver when the vehicle drifts from their lane without using the turn signals. Forward Collision Warning alerts the driver 2.7 seconds before a collision with a vehicle in front of them, allowing enough time to react and avoid a collision. Headway Monitoring and Warning helps the driver keep a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead. Pedestrian Collision Warning alerts the driver of an imminent collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist. Speed Limit Indication detects and notifies the driver if the vehicle exceeds the allowed speed detected on road signs. Mobileye is the advanced system that makes driving safer! Price includes installation in most vehicles.