MoviesToGo 10 Inch Overhead Video System

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This is a complete MoviesToGo video entertainment system for the rear seat passengers of your vehicle. The large 10.1 inch screen mounts on the roof of the vehicle and the screen tilts so it can be adjusted for the best viewing angle for all size passengers. Play DVD's in the built in DVD player or you can play video content or game consoles thru the built in USB, HDMI, or RCA aux inputs. Includes wireless remote control.  Passengers can listen to the sound privately thru the included pair of wireless headphones or everyone in the car can hear the sound thru the vehicles FM radio with the built in FM transmitter. Comes with black, tan, or gray snap on skins to better match the interior of most vehicles. Wireless remote control included.  Price includes installation in most vehicles. A few vehicles require additional parts or labor.