EGR RollTrac Electric Retractable Bed Cover

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The EGR RollTrac turns your truck bed into a safe secure storage area.  The electronic RollTrac rolls the cover up into a small cannister at the front of the truck bed with just a push of a button.  The sleek design with soft edges and clearly defined formal contours features a matte black lightly textured finish on the fully aluminum bed cover.  Track rails allow for a range of optional load bars and accessory items to easily slide on and off the cover.  The interlocking aluminum slats and 4 large aperture drain tubes create a virtually waterproof bed cover to keep your cargo safe and dry.  And the tough secure design assures the cover can't be cut or forced open.  An intelligent ECU in the bed cover connects the RollTrac to your vehicles remote locking system, assuring that when your truck doors are locked the cover is also locked and when your truck doors are unlocked the cover is unlocked.  Easy to use electronic operation by simply pushing the integrated buttons on both sides of your truck at the rear of the rails Installation available at an additional $199.95 charge.  Not available for all trucks, so call us for applicatio info.  Application for Jeep Renegade with integrated tool box is an additional $200.