Access Cover Lomax With Urethane Coating Aluminum Folding Bedcover

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We feel the Access Cover Lomax aluminum folding cover is the best choice in a folding bed cover that we offer and in fact it is our best selling truck bed cover.  Its sleek low profile design looks great on any truck.  This cover sits less than 1/2 and inch above the truck rails.  This cover has the popular upgrade feature of the urethane finish which features an even tougher finish on top of the cover.  Flexible rubber seals, vinyl coated hinges, and limited metal on metal contact reduce noise and vibration for a quiet ride. And because this low profile cover sits on top of the truck bed rails, there are no rubber gaskets showing on the edges or drain tubes to install like other covers, yet this is the most water resistant cover we sell. It even helps pay for itself by improving fuel effiecency by reducing aerodynamic drag.  Simple one person installation and removal in one minute with no tools when you need your whole bed. The whole cover only weighs around 60 pounds, yet can hold 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight on top of it. Installation available at an additional $89.95 charge.