Ecco Surface Mount Multi-function Strobe Warning Lights ED3777

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These Ecco strobe lights are really versatile because they combine 3 functions into one compact design. These lights come in amber, white, or blue strobe colors with 13 programmable flash patterns and have 180 degree visibility.  These amazing units combinne strobe warning lights, puddle lights to illuminate the ground below them for greater safety, and work lights to illuminate a work area... all in one unit and each function is individually switchable.  This strobe unit that will mount on any flat surface with its low profile and narrow shape and includes surface, edge, self adhesive, and permanent mounting options.  Measure 1.2" high, 5.1" wide, and 1.35" deep.  3 year warranty.  Installation available for an additional $65 per strobe.  Product price is per strobe.  These strobes are also available in two color versions amber/blue for a slightly higher price.